Are Women Suitable for P90X Workout– Classic Doubles Lean ?

The p90x workout schedule is a good alternative to the gym as long as one follows it strictly. It is a strength training program helping to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. The workout schedule has three separate routines which are classic, doubles and lean. The differences between the routines are the combination of different workouts. Classic is the most basic and offers three days of workout with the use of free weights or at times resistance bands and three days of yoga and cardio. The lean routine usually offers two days of resistance with cardio and yoga being done for four days, it is done by people who prefer cardio with less body resistance. Doubles is similar to the classic routine though, there is more cardio included after a certain period of time. A person using this routine will normally do the regular program in the morning and the extra cardio during the evening workout.

When beginning the p90x workout schedules, the recommendation is that you should begin with the classic or lean and do the doubles at a later stage to avoid burnout. The advantage with this workout schedules is that to get the most workout for the abs, the muscles need to be confused through the introduction of new moves constantly to your routine and therefore always keeping them working.

The workout has a nutrition plan so that one maintains the required diet. The nutrition plan consists of three phases. Phase one which is a fat burning stage begins with a high protein intake and a low carbohydrate diet which tends to build muscles while still burning fats. Phase two is the energy boosting stage and consists of a balanced intake of rich protein and carbohydrate but with low fat. Phase three is known as the endurance maximize where one consumes complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and low fat. This type of diet capitalizes on endurance and the maintenance of a competent physical performance. All these stages last for thirty days. The nutrition programs will help you learn how to eat to burn fat while building lean muscle and feeding the body’s need for energy. You will also learn how to manage the food intake so that nutrients are provided to stay on track with the program.

The above p90x workout schedule is suitable for women because the concept behind the workout is based on an individual’s ability to do the routines, the only noticeable difference will be in women, due to low testosterone levels, the muscles will not become bulky as compared to men but they will get long lean muscles. The women are able to go through the program as long as they have motivation to get through the ninety days and want to get the best shape of their life. The program needs some type of resistance equipment, bands or dumbbells which women can conveniently use. Since the equipment is portable, the workout can be done anywhere and anytime.

The Video Routines of P90x For Women:

The 12 great workout routines that are included in the P90X workout women include:

Chest and Back,
Kenpo X,
Core Synergistics,
Shoulder and Arms,
Legs and Back,
Back and Biceps,
Cardio X,
Chest, Shoulders and Triceps,
X Stretch,
Back and Biceps.
Yoga X

The Yoga X routine is a little above 90 minutes, but is the best to offer relaxation to muscles and serenity to you. A time well spent, indeed!